WhatsApp for Business

Learn the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp for Business

With Bird, you use WhatsApp for Business (known to developers as the WhatsApp API) to reach your customers.

WhatsApp for Business is different from the WhatsApp app that you may be familiar with as a consumer. It's a dedicated solution for businesses.

Outside of this article, any mention of WhatsApp refers specifically to WhatsApp for Business, not to the consumer app.

Why use WhatsApp for Business?

  • Branded profiles: Customize your business profile with logos, business descriptions, and contact information. Maintain a professional image.

  • Verified business status: Show customers that your business is verified and trustworthy.

  • Automated messaging: Use Flows and Journeys to automate replies, greeting messages, chatbots, and other customer experiences.

  • Bulk campaigns: Send WhatsApp messages in bulk with Campaigns.

  • Catalog feature: Showcase products and services directly in the app, enabling customers to browse offerings and make inquiries easily.

  • Analytics and Insights: Access data and insights to track message performance and customer engagement metrics, helping to refine marketing strategies.

WhatsApp for Business vs WhatsApp for consumers

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