I can’t purchase a number because I don’t have enough balance

If you can’t purchase a number because you don’t have enough balance in your wallet, go to Organization settings > Wallets, select the wallet that is linked to your workspace, and click Add funds. Top-up your balance, then return to your numbers basket to complete your order.

I can’t purchase a number for a specific country

If you can’t find any results when you filter numbers for a specific country, there may be restrictions in place that prevent you from purchasing, or we may need to order the number for you from our numbering partner.

To order a number follow these steps:

  1. Login to your support centre here

  2. Go to "Cases" tab and click on "Create a new case"

  3. Choose "Engagement" Platform, "Numbers" product, and then "Order numbers"

  4. Fill the order form, and mention your use case in the description

  5. Submit the case

Our orders team will receive your request and get back to you with additional details.

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