Install Apple Messages for Business

Apple Messages for Business can be installed from the Channels Marketplace. Once installed, you can have conversations with your customers via Apple Messages.

What you'll need

  • The business name you want to use for your account.

  • A wide logo that will be shown at the top of the conversation.

  • A square logo which will be shown in the conversation list.

  • A business Apple ID or a corporate Managed Apple ID created by your organization.

  • Your response hours

  • The type of messaging account you want to set up: Online business only, Business with 1 public location, Business with multiple public locations.

Register for the Apple Messages for Business Service

Related content: For additional instructions, you can follow Apple's guide to registering for the Messages for Business Service.

Before you can install Apple Messages for Business as a channel in MessageBird, you need to register for the Apple Messages for Business Service.

  1. Go to the Apple Business Register page, scroll down, and click the Get started button.

  2. Login using your business Apple ID.

  3. Accept the Apple Messages for Business and Apple Business Register terms.

  4. Provide the required information about your organization, account, and brand identity.

  5. When you reach the 'Messaging Service Provider configuration step, select 'MessageBird' from the 'Apple Authorized Commercial Messaging Platform' drop-down.

  6. Wait for Apple to review and approve your registration.

Once your account has been approved, verify it and link it to Bird.

  1. On the left side of your screen, select the account that you want to test.

  2. Scroll to the Message Service Platform Configuration section.

  3. Click Test your Messaging Service Provider Connection.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Select the Bird workspace that you want to link. You'll be automatically directed back to MessageBird.

Complete the installation in Bird

  1. [Optional] Rename the connector.

  2. Click Install Apple Messages for Business.

Success! You've just installed Apple Messages for Business.

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