LinkedIn Pages Messaging

Receive direct messages from LinkedIn members from your LinkedIn business pages

With LinkedIn pages messaging when messages are enabled for your Page, LinkedIn members can send a direct message to your page and get replies from your business in a new conversation. By connecting with Bird CRM, you can leverage flows and inbox to respond to member enquiries.

Getting started with LinkedIn Pages Messaging

Ready to start hearing from your LinkedIn members? Let's set things in motion!

Step one: What you need

  • Access to your LinkedIn business page as a content or super admin

  • Have enabled messaging for your LinkedIn page

  • Have your LinkedIn organization ID

Step two: Install LinkedIn pages messaging

  • Authenticate your LinkedIn page and link it with BirdCRM

  • Provide BirdCRM with permissions and complete the connection

Step three: Use LinkedIn pages messaging

  • Engage in two-way conversations

  • Send text messages

  • Receive image and media

  • Send messages via Inbox, Flows and Channels API

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