Schedule a campaign

What you'll need

  • A campaign that's set up, tested, and ready to go.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. In the bottom right-hand corner of the campaign preview screen, click Schedule or send, then click Schedule.

  2. Click the first dropdown, then select the date and time that you want to schedule your campaign to be sent at.

  3. Click the second dropdown, then select the time zone that you are using to schedule your campaign.

  4. Click Schedule.

Your campaign has been scheduled!

Once a campaign has been scheduled, you can't pause sending. To stop your campaign from being sent, you'll need to delete the campaign.


Can I delete a scheduled campaign?

Yes, you can delete campaigns that have been scheduled.

Can I edit a campaign once I've scheduled it?

You can only modify the date and time the campaign is scheduled for. You cannot edit the template, the audience, or the rest of the setup

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