Sender ID Registration

International traffic

Whitelisting your sender ID is not available for international traffic. Your sender ID will be overwritten to a Short Code.

Local traffic

Step 1: Registering locally

In order to send local traffic with alpha sender, customers must first register their traffic with local operators. Please see the attached file 'India DLT Registration Guide - MessageBird' for more information on the registration process in India (DLT) and the steps to register. Please note the following:

  • Registration will first be done in only one operator's DLT portal. Your registered information will automatically be shared with other operators.

  • The sender ID will be referred to as the Header in some places

Step 2: Registering via MessageBird

Following the registration, you will be able to export an Excel file from the portal, which contains information that we need to complete your registration on our side. Alternatively, you can download the 'India DLT Registration Details - MessageBird' file below to fill out the details manually. Please email this file to us to complete your registration.

Step 3: Consent Template Registration (strongly recommended)

Following the registration process, we strongly recommend customers to follow the Consent Template Registration process. Registering a Consent Template is currently not mandatory, but will be in the near future. See the attachment 'Consent Template Guide - MessageBird' for further instructions.

Do Not Disturb

Promotional SMS is not allowed between 9 pm and 9 am local time. Messages sent to end users who are registered with the Do Not Disturb service will be queued after 9 pm and submitted at 9 am the following morning.

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