Throughput and Daily Caps

10DLC brand and campaigns are limited in 2 ways

T-Mobile Brand daily cap

Brand total traffic towards T-Mobile network (and t-Mobile network alone) is limited based on brand trust score. The cap is enforced when the maximum number of messages is achieved by any combination of campaigns and enforced until midnight Pacific time of the same calendar day.

The daily cap is assigned to a TAX ID, if you utilized multiple vendors reaching a threshold on one may block traffic via the other

Messaged blocked when above the cap will be charged and will fail with source sms-messagebird and code 106: EC_CAMPAIGN_VOLUME_EXCEEDED

AT&T Campaign Throughput limit

The traffic towards AT&T will be throttled, and bird will buffer any message (both SMS or MMS) above the limits recognized as direct towards the AT&T network at no extra cost, but this is an best effort service, and some traffic may slip through and be rejected by the carrier. Those messages will be charged and will ill fail with source sms-messagebird and code 107: EC_CAMPAIGN_THROUGHPUT_EXCEEDED

AT&T throughput limitation is on a campaign basis and depends on the type of the campaign see schema below

Other networks

Neither US Cellular nor Verizon provides any information about their throttling strategy; however, experience shows sending at a high rate usually results in a number of blacklisting. In order to preserve functionality for all client numbers Bird CRM does enforce the same AT&T limitation also for the abovementioned two networks

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