Onboard as a Tech Provider

Before connecting to Bird as a solutions provider to manage WhatsApp messaging to your customers you need to register as a Tech Provider

Step 1: Create a Meta Business Account

Create or use your existing Meta Business Account to ensure it has all required business details including address, website, email, etc. The account must be owned by someone who can provide appropriate details during the business verification process.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your business can only have a maximum number of 2 Meta Business Accounts

  • Ensure all the information provided is correct, otherwise it will be rejected during business verification. If your business account is not in good standing with Meta, then you won’t be able to successfully onboard WhatsApp services

Step 2: Create a Meta App

Go to the My Apps panel and create a new business app and connect it to your Meta Business Account. Alternatively, you can connect an existing app to your Meta Business Account by loading your app in the App Dashboard and skipping to 3.

  1. If you create an app and aren't given the option to create a business app immediately, first choose Other > Next.

  1. Choose Business

  1. Complete the rest of the form. If you are unable to move past this step, try setting the Business Account dropdown menu to No Business Manager account selected and proceed.

  1. Once the app is created, go into your App under the basic settings tab to update your domains, icon, etc.

  1. Add your privacy policy and terms of service URLs, which will be visible to users onboarding through Embedded Signup. To complete creating the app, select the Messaging category and save all changes.

Step 3: Add the WhatsApp Product

From your App Dashboard, add the WhatsApp product.

You will then be redirected to select your business account and accept the Facebook Terms for WhatsApp Business and the Meta Hosting Terms for Cloud API.

Step 4: Complete Business Verification

Select Start verification in the Provider verification step to apply for Business Verification if you have not already done so, and ensure you have uploaded the required official documents. Please follow the guidelines on domain verification. Your Meta Business Account needs to be verified before using the Embedded Signup flow.

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