Channel logs

For each message processed, you can view the following information, also known as message attributes:

  • Direction: Indicates whether the message was outbound (sent by you) or inbound (sent to you by a customer).

  • Status: Shows the message's location in the message lifecycle.

  • Message ID: A unique identifier for the message.

  • From: The identifier or number of the message sender and, when applicable, its country.

  • To: The identifier or number of the message recipient and, when applicable, its country.

  • Type: the type of message.

  • Created at: The time the log was created.

  • Updated at: The time the log was last updated.

Inspect log

To get more details about a specific message, click on it to open the Inspect log panel.

The Inspect log panel contains two tabs: the Latest and Interaction.

  • The Latest tab displays information about the current message status and the raw message body.

  • The Timeline tab shows the message history, including the timestamps of every status change.

Troubleshooting tips

Information about failures is provided hierarchically

  • Statuses: indicate, at the most general level, if a message failed when delivering (delivery failed) or couldn't be sent (sending failed) in the first place

  • Failure Reasons: summarize in a human-friendly way all of the above, for example Details: sender unregistered; reason: carrier_rejected; code: 104 specifies the sender (from) of the message wasn't registered with the downstream SMS carrier

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