Connecting to Bird as solutions provider

Once you have onboarded as a Tech provider it is now possible to initiate a solution request to Bird. You should have already connected with our Partner team, who will approve the solutions request/

Step 1: Initiating Solution Requests

  1. Navigate to the App Dashboard > WhatsApp > Partner Solutions panel and click the Create a partner solution button.

  1. Give your solution a name e.g. <customername>_bird and enter the partner (Bird's) app id.

You can get the Bird App ID from your partner manager

  1. Once completed and sent, Bird will receive an email and Meta Business Suite notification notifying us of request. The solution will appear in the solutions panel with a Pending status until accepted by your us. If accepted, it's status will change to Active. If declined, it's status will change to Inactive.

Step 2: Wait for Bird to accept the solutions request

Once Bird has accepted the solution, its status will be set to Active and you can use it to configure the WhatsApp Embedded Signup when you embed this in your own platform.

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