Invite Bird support

You can only invite a Bird support team member to your organization if you've already opened a support case with us and the agent handling your case has provided you with their email address for this purpose.

In some situations, the quickest and most effective way for us to provide you with support is for you to invite a Bird support team member into your organization.

This allows our support team to understand the context of your issue better and resolve it for you more efficiently.

Step-by-step instructions

The Bird support agent will provide you with a link to help you navigate to the Users page, but you can also follow these steps to invite Bird support to your organization:

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Under Account > Users, click Click Invite Bird support.

  3. In the "Email" field, enter the Bird email address that you have been provided with.

  4. Under Roles, select the access role that you want to assign to them. By default, this will be set to "Owner", but you can select any custom access role you have defined for your organization. Granting broader permissions generally allows us to resolve your issue more quickly.

  5. Click Invite to invite them to your organization.

Security and Access

Bird support team email addresses

The email addresses that Bird's support team provides will always follow this format:

Identification badges

When you grant a member of the Bird support team access to your organization, we'll display a "from Bird" badge next to their name so you can easily identify them.

Leaving the organization

Once the Bird support team member has resolved your issue, they will remove themselves from your organization.

You can also revoke a support team member's access at any point by going to Settings > Users > Edit user and clicking Remove user from organization, as you would remove any other type of user from your organization.

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