WhatsApp campaign reports

Once you've sent your WhatsApp campaign, we'll collect and analyze data on its performance.

How to access WhatsApp campaign performance reports

  1. To access a WhatsApp campaign's performance report, go to Engage Customers> Campaigns.

  2. Find the campaign that you want to view the performance of, and click View Report.

About your WhatsApp campaign report

When you open your report, you'll see an overview of your campaign's performance as well as additional tabs with more detailed information.


The campaign overview shows you a breakdown of the messages that were sent as part of the campaign, broken down into several categories:

  • Total: The total number of messages in the campaign.

  • Queued: The total number of messages waiting to be sent.

  • Sent: The number of messages that were sent.

  • Delivered: The number of messages that were sent and delivered.

  • Failed: The number of messages that failed to be successfully sent.

  • Reads: Number of contacts who read the WhatsApp campaign message.

The read metric is captured only for users who have Read Receipt turned ON in their WhatsApp settings.


In the performance section, you can see a breakdown of your campaign's performance over time.

Use the date picker to select a custom period of time, or select a pre-defined period of time from the options at the top of the graph.

In the top right-hand corner of the graph, you can see when the data was last updated. Click Refresh to pull in new data.


In the details section, you can see comprehensive information about the setup of your campaign:

  • Campaign Type: This shows the type of campaign that was sent, such as Broadcast.

  • Channel: This specifies the platform used to send the campaign, such as WhatsApp.

  • Sender: This displays the number from which the campaign was sent.

  • Recipients: This indicates the audience or list name that received the campaign.

  • Campaign Status: This displays the current status of the campaign, which can be Processing, Sent, or Error.

  • Template: This shows the name of the template used for the campaign.

  • Language: This displays the language in which the campaign was sent.

  • Variables: This section provides information about the specific variables that were used in the campaign, such as the name or location of the recipient.

Download CSV report

To download your report, click Download CVS Report.

You can only download a campaign performance report for campaigns with a maximum of 999 target contacts.

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