I already have a number. Can I use that number in MessageBird?

Yes, if you have an existing number that you would like to use in MessageBird, you can transfer it to your account. This is called number porting.

Where can I find pricing information?

Pricing information for each number will be displayed in the dashboard as you place numbers into your cart. You can also find comprehensive pricing information on our pricing page on the website.

I need to buy a lot of numbers. How many can I purchase at once?

You can purchase up to 25 numbers at the same time. If you need more than 25 numbers, please contact our Support team who will be able to assist you.

Whats is an international number or an E.164 number?

E.164 is a globally recognized standard for phone number formatting designed to ensure the deliverability of calls across different devices on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It assigns a unique number to each device, making international calling more reliable and standardized.

An E.164 number consists of several components:

  • A "+" sign indicating it is an international number.

  • The country code, identifying the country of the recipient.

  • The subscriber number, including the area code and the local number, with a maximum length of fifteen digits.

Why is E.164 important for international calls?

E.164 numbers ensure that calls can be correctly routed to and from any location worldwide, providing a unified format.

How do international dialing rules affect E.164 numbers?

International dialing rules can vary based on the caller’s and recipient's locations.

E.164 formatting ensures that the underlying number is universally recognized, but callers should still be aware of their local dialing requirements for placing international calls, which might involve prefixing additional digits or codes.

E.164 and Call Logging:

For systems integrating with telephony services, such as Bird CRM, using E.164 formatted numbers is crucial for ensuring accurate call logging and functionality.

This standard allows these systems to correctly identify and process international numbers, which is essential for businesses that operate across borders.

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