About Bird CRM

One platform for Contacts, Marketing, Sales, and Payments

Why use Bird?

Our Solutions

What we offer:

CDP (Customer Data Platform) Centralize all your customer information to craft personalized experiences easily.

Omnichannel Communication Communicate effortlessly across all channels, ensuring your message is always heard, no matter where your customers are.

Customized Customer Journeys Tailor the customer experience with custom paths that increase engagement and loyalty.

Seamless Integration Use our API to smoothly integrate powerful communication features into your existing systems, enhancing efficiency without the hassle.

Our Products

Our services include:

Email Marketing Send automated or one-off email campaigns.

SMS Marketing Grow your business using personalized texts.

WhatsApp Marketing Convert buyers with rich experiences on WhatAapp.

Sales Dialer Make calls, generate summaries, and more in Salesforce.

Payments One-click payments within conversations on a any channel.

Bird CRM is your go-to solution for simplifying how you engage with customers. With everything you need in one place—contacts, marketing, sales, and payment. Choose Bird CRM to make your business operations smoother and keep your customer connections stronger.

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