Send messages

Once you have installed Apple Messagges for Business, you will be able to send and receive messages using MessageBird.

Instagram Messaging messages can be sent:

In Apple Messages, when you send a message that contains a URL, it will be automatically converted into a rich link.

Rich cards are automatically generated from the link. Their appearance of these cards is taken from the URL's opengraph metadata:

  • Image: If the opengraph metadata is og:image, then the card will display as an image.

  • Video: If the opengraph metadata is og:video, then the card will be playable as a video, using the og:image metadata as the preview before the video is played.

Make sure your og:image data is up-to-date, and suitable to be displayed to customers.

Interactive messages

Interactive messages are messages that you can send to your customers with Apple Messages, that your customers can use to do things like send a pre-written reply, leave feedback, or make payments.

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