Use dynamic variables in Apple Messages templates

By using dynamic variables, the content you send can be personalized with relevant information. This feature is ideal for situations where the information, such as item lists, may change in size or content, ensuring recipients receive the most up-to-date information.\

What you'll need

Step-by-step instructions

  1. In Flows, use the 'Set variables' action to retrive a list of times from your appointment booking system.

  2. Add a 'Send template message to conversation' step, and select the time picker message template that you want to use.

  3. Pick your array and map an object key to each field as follows:

    • Items Path: Specify the array that contains the relevant objects.

    • Duration: Indicate the object field that contains the duration of each timeslot.

    • Start Time: Define the start time for each event.

  4. Select the predefined timeslots variable, and map the slotLength and start keys from your object array.

  5. Run a test, nd you will receive a message with the appointment slots as defined in the variable above.

  6. Click Publish to set your flow live.

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