Where does contact data come from?

Contact data either comes from interactions that your customers have with you via the MessageBird platform, or from importing contact information, either manually or via Connectors.

This allows you to integrate data from external sources into your contact profiles, giving you a more complete picture of your customers' interactions and behaviors.

Contacts in Inbox

Surface customer information in Inbox to provide your agents with context about the person they're talking to.

This means that your agents can easily pull up a customer's contact profile, which includes a wealth of information about that customer, such as their contact details, previous interactions with your company, and any other relevant information.

Contacts in Flows

Use this information in Flows to create custom logic based on specific customer details and personalize messages.

Contacts in Campaigns

Create segments and lists, which can be used to target specific sets of customers with Campaigns. Send Campaigns that are personalized with customer data.

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