Frequency limits

Don't overwhelm your subscribers with too many messages.

Do you get annoyed when you receive too many messages from a brand in a short space of time?

Sending messages too frequently can result in annoyed customers, increased unsubscribes, or even customer complaints.

Use the 'Skip recently emailed profiles' setting to exclude customers that you've messages recently from a campaign send.

How profile skipping works

We define 'recently messaged' as anyone who has received a marketing message from you within the last day. You can change this setting.

Turning the feature on and off

By default, the toggle is switched to On, which means that recently messages profiled will be skipped.

If you want to email them anyway, click the toggle to turn it Off.

Profile skipping settings

You can change the profile skipping settings for each channel that you can send campaigns on: WhatsApp, Email, and SMS.

  1. Click the Settings hyperlink next to the toggle.

  2. Click the channel that you want to edit the profile skipping settings for.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. Use the dropdowns to adjust the frequency of emails and the duration of time.

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