Completing the Meta app review

Before you can onboard customers onto the WhatsApp solution you will need to complete the API integration and pass the Meta app review process

Step 1: Prepare for App Review

Click on Review app settings to review your saved settings and make sure your app icon, Privacy Policy URL, and app category are selected before starting app review. Next, build your prototype. During this phase, you can build your end-to-end product experience. Make sure you adhere to the Meta and WhatsApp terms with regards to user data handling when you build your end-to-end experience prototype.

Step 2: Complete API integration

Before completing the app review you will need to have completed the integration of embedded signup and WhatsApp channel installation into your onboarding flow.

Firstly complete your Bird workspace setup and then complete the WhatsApp channel integration process. View the API integration guide here

Step 3

To onboard your customers through the embedded signup flow you will need to request advanced permissions for the whatsapp_business_management permission.

To start the app review process from the navigate to:

App Dashboard > WhatsApp > Quickstart > Continue Onboarding (button) > Begin App Review (button)

You will need to submit an explanation of why you need the permission (to onboard customers) and submit a video demonstrating your end to end onboarding flow using a test business you created when completing the API integration.

Step 4: Access verification

To ensure that only businesses with a legitimate use case can access data belonging to other businesses you must go through the access verification process. You can start Access verification after you’ve applied to advanced permissions on your App. To begin, click Start verification. You can open the full access verification page within our WhatsApp product and quickly return to the onboarding page.

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