Prebuilt email templates

Our fully prebuilt email templates have been designed to cover a wide variety of popular marketing use cases. They're fully customizable, making them a great starting point for your own marketing campaigns.

Find a prebuilt email template

  1. Go to Create content > Emails > Template gallery.

  2. Use the search bar, or browse the templates to find one you want to use.

  3. Click a template to see more information.

Edit and use a prebuilt template

  1. When you've found a template you want to use, click Create project from template.

  2. In the 'Project set up' popup, enter a project name and select the default locale.

  3. Click Create project from template.

  4. Edit the template so it fits your needs.

  5. Once your template is done, click Publish to make it ready to use.

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