Journey insights

Heatmaps provide valuable insights into user behavior.

How to find a journey's insights

  1. Go to Engage customers > Journeys > Your Journeys.

  2. Find the journey you want to view, then click the three dots on the right-hand side.

  3. Select View published version.

  4. From the Journey overview, click the Insights tab.

  5. Select a specific step to that step's data in more detail. If the selected step has failed, click View runs to see runs that failed at that step.

If your journey has branches, your heatmap will show the percentage of all users that have moved through each branch.

How to filter insights

Filter by journey version

  • Use the dropdown on the left-hand side of your screen to filter between insights for all versions of your journey, and insights for a specific version.

  • You can select multiple versions of a journey to view at once. The heatmap will superimpose data from all selected versions, but will display the latest journey structure.

Selecting multiple versions of a journey can lead to data inconsistencies at the step level.

For example, if the first version of your journey contained five steps, and the third version of your journey has ten steps, the five steps that have been present since version one will have been executed more times than the additional steps that were only added in the third version.

Filter by time frame

  • Use the date and time picker on the left-hand side of your screen to filter insights for a specific time.

Show step metrics

You can use the 'Show step metrics' toggle to display the following data:

  • How many contacts entered this journey

  • How many unique contacts entered this journey

  • How many contacts completed this journey

The same contact can enter a journey multiple times. 'Unique contacts' shows you how many distinct contacts have used this journey.

For each step, you'll also be able to see the execution status of the step:

  • Failed: This shows how many times the step failed to execute

  • Success: This shows how many times the step was completed successfully

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