General US content restrictions

In the United States, there are restrictions on the type of content that you can send to your customers, regardless of the channel that you use to communicate with them. Below, you can find detailed information about these general content restrictions.

Content restrictions

The Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco Act (S.H.A.F.T) outlines the content that is strictly prohibited when sending messages. Sending SHAFT content, promoting it, or including it in your messages' call-to-actions is considered a violation and could result in your business being banned by mobile carriers.

  • There are some exceptional cases where a business owner might be able to promote selling alcohol under specific offers, but such cases require only sending via a dedicated number and age-gating where only contacts of 21 and above are able to receive such messages.

  • Additional rules and restrictions apply when promoting financial products that have to do with loans, debt relief, cryptocurrency, and similar financial services.

  • You also can’t send promotional messages for medical prescriptions that cannot legally be sold over-the-counter in the United States.


Age gating provides additional measures to restrict specific content from reaching under-aged contacts (i.e. 18+ content). It requires a system where contacts share their date of birth or otherwise confirm they are of legal age in order to receive restricted content.

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