An β€˜action’ is a task that a flow performs. Actions can either be tasks within MessageBird or a task that takes place in an external connector.

Action types

There are six types of flow actions:

Set up an action

Choose your flow event

  1. In the flow editor, once you have set up your trigger, click Add new action.

  2. Browse the available actions, or use the search bar to find a specific action.

  3. Select your action and complete the fields to tell the flow exactly what you want it to do. Depending on the type of action you choose, there might be dropdown menus, form fields, and radio buttons to select.

  4. Once you're happy with how your action has been set up, click Next.

Test your action

Run a quick test to see if your action is working. If there are errors, these will be flagged and displayed in the output for you to review and fix.

If you're happy with your action, you can click Add new action to continue to build your flow, or click the Publish draft to set your flow live.

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