Abandoned cart recovery

Encourage customers to complete their purchase by sending targeted messages reminding them about the items left in their cart.

Find and use this template by going to Flows > Template flows > Abandoned cart recovery and clicking Save to my library.

Abandoned Cart Recovery is a flow that aims to remind customers who have abandoned items in their cart to complete their purchase.

Here's a breakdown of the trigger and steps involved:


Webhook: This is the trigger for the flow. It will run the flow when a specific HTTP call is made to a specified URL. The webhook can be set up to listen for events such as abandoned cart events.


  1. Set variables: In this step, variables are defined and set up to be used in the flow.

  2. Send template message to channel: This step sends an Approved WhatsApp template message to the customer's number. The template message can be customized to fit the specific business's needs and can include personalized information such as the customer's name, abandoned cart items, and discount codes.

  3. Terminate: This step indicates the successful completion of the flow. It is triggered when the template message is successfully sent to the customer's channel.

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