Contacts and consent

Learn how consent is recorded on contact profiles, and best practices for WhatsApp, Email, and SMS compliance.

Contact subscription statuses

Channel-specific subscription statuses

  • Contacts can choose which channel(s) they subscribe to. This means that a contact could be subscribed to just one channel, or to multiple channels.

  • Understand that consent for WhatsApp does not imply consent for Email, or vice-versa.

Subscription statuses are recorded on contact profiles. For each channel, the available subscription statuses are:

  • Subscribed: This indicates that the customer has actively opted-in to receive marketing communication on that channel.

  • Unsubscribed: This indicates that the customer had opted-out of receiving marketing communication on that channel. Messages sent to this customer on this channel will not be delivered.

  • Blank: This indicates that the customer has neither opted-in, nor opted-out of receiving marketing communication on that channel. In certain circumstances, you can still send marketing messages to customers with a Blank subscription status.

WhatsApp compliance

  • Contacts must grant explicit consent to communicate using business-initiated WhatsApp messages.

  • Consent can be obtained via specific keywords in a WhatsApp thread or manually if they've given express and verifiable consent​.

Opt-in process

  • You can collect opt-ins on and off WhatsApp, including via your website, interactive voice response (IVR) flows, or in person with customers signing a physical document​​.

Best practices

  • Avoid messaging customers too frequently, provide clear opt-out instructions, and respect opt-out requests promptly to maintain customer satisfaction​​.

Regulatory compliance

  • Adhere to the WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy, which includes securing necessary notices and consents, protecting data, and complying with applicable laws​​.

Key laws

  • Ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR, especially when it comes to data protection and privacy​​.

Email compliance

  • Every email should include an unsubscribe link, allowing recipients to opt-out easily.

Compliance with laws

  • Adhere to key laws such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM Act, and CASL. These laws require explicit consent for email marketing and mandate clear opt-out mechanisms.

Best practices

  • Regularly update your email list to remove unengaged subscribers, ensure content relevance, and maintain email deliverability.

SMS compliance

Consent requirements

  • Obtain explicit consent before sending marketing messages. Consent can be captured through sign-up forms, in-store sign-ups, or via digital channels.

Opt-out mechanism

  • Provide a clear and easy way for contacts to opt out of SMS communications, such as texting a keyword like "STOP."

Compliance with laws

  • Follow regulations like TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and GDPR, which mandate clear disclosure and consent for SMS marketing.

Best practices

  • Send messages during appropriate hours, personalize content, and keep the frequency of messages reasonable to avoid overwhelming subscribers.

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