Sign-up process

How it works

Our sign-up forms are designed to make it easy for your customers to opt in on the channel that they want to use.

Channel sign-ups vs form sign-ups

During the setup process, you can define which installed channels you want to display on the sign-up form, and whether the customer needs to submit a form with their phone number or email (only supported for phone or email identifier-based channels), or scan a QR code and send a message to sign up. When the sign-up form is published, your customers can choose which channel they want to use to sign up.

If the form submission sign-up method has been chosen, customers will always see the form input on either the sign-up form home screen or the channel-specific screen.

Once the customer has submitted the form, they will be added to a List, which has been configured during the setup process.

If the QR code sign-up method has been chosen, customers viewing your sign-up form on a desktop computer or laptop will see both a link and a QR code, which they can scan to open the channel app on their phone. Customers viewing your sign-up form on their mobile will see a link to open their channel of choice on their phone.

Once the customer has scanned the QR code or opened the app, they’ll send a pre-defined message containing explicit content to your business.

Behind the scenes, a flow will run. Their consent will be processed, and the customer’s contact profile will be updated to reflect that they have subscribed to receive marketing messages on that channel.

The flow will then send a confirmation message to your customer, informing them that they have successfully opted in!

What next?

Once you’ve collected some sign-ups through your sign-up form, you can start to send them marketing messages by creating message templates in Studio and sending them via Campaigns.

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