Find and buy a new number

Numbers can be searched for and purchased directly in your MessageBird dashboard. Before you start the purchasing process, check that you have enough balance in your wallet.

API users can buy and provision numbers from their dashboard, or via the API.

Find available numbers

With over 50 countries and 700 prefixes and area codes to choose from, selecting and purchasing a number might seem complicated, but you can use our number-purchasing wizard to make the process quick and simple by filtering available numbers directly in your dashboard.

  1. Go to Channels > Marketplace > Numbers > Buy a number.

  2. Click the Country field and enter the name of the country that you want to use the number for.

  3. Click the Type dropdown and select the type of number you want to purchase.

  4. Click the Capabilities dropdown and check the box next to the capabilities that you want the number to have.

  5. [Optional] Click the Prefix field to search numbers using specific area codes or prefixes.

  6. Toggle the 2-way communication button on or off to filter numbers by direction (inbound or outbound, or inbound only).

Available numbers that match your criteria will be displayed on this page. Hover over the capabilities to see more information about them, or click All details to see full information about a number and its requirements.

To the right of the available numbers, you will be able to see the cost of the number per month.

Purchase a new number

You can buy up to 25 numbers in the same transaction.

To start the number-purchasing process, add one or more numbers to your cart.

Numbers that are added to your cart will be reserved for 30 minutes. If you don’t complete the purchase within 30 minutes of placing a number in your basket, the number will be returned to the inventory and made available for other customers to purchase.

  1. Next to the number that you want to purchase, click Add to cart.

  2. Click Go to cart.

  3. Review the contents of your cart, and remove any numbers that you added but no longer want to purchase.

  4. In the order summary pane, you can see the total number of numbers that you’re purchasing, the cost per month of purchasing those numbers, the VAT, and the order total.

  5. Click Proceed to payment.

To complete your purchase, the balance will be taken from the wallet that is assigned to your workspace, and the number(s) will be added to your workspace.

Depending on the type of number you choose, and the country you select, we may ask you to provide us with additional Know Your Customer (KYC) information to ensure that you comply with local regulations.

Remove a number from the cart

Numbers can be removed from your cart before purchase by clicking the Remove from cart button next to the number.

You can also remove a number by navigating to your cart, locating the number there, and clicking Remove from cart.

Purchase additional numbers

Once you’ve purchased your first number(s), you can buy a new number by going to Channels > Your channels > Numbers > Buy a number.

Activate a number

Some numbers may require additional information to become active (Know-Your-Customer details). Once your number has been purchased, you’ll need to submit these additional details to activate the number before you can start using it. Immediately after purchasing a number, you’ll be given the option to skip activation and do it later, or activate now.

If you skip activation immediately after purchase, you can activate at any time by going to Channels > Numbers, and clicking the banner that says Activate it in a few simple steps.

Activation methods will vary by number type, but all will ask for your company details as a minimum.

  1. From the Activate numbers page, locate the number that you want to activate and click Fill requirements. The fill requirements panel will appear. If you have an approved KYC form, you can enter it here.

  2. In the Company name field, enter the legal name of your company or organization.

  3. Select the country that your company is registered in from the Country dropdown.

  4. Select the city that your company is located in from the City dropdown.

  5. Enter the street address in the Street address field.

  6. Enter the building number in the Street number field.

  7. Enter the postcode or zip code in the Postal code field.

  8. Click Submit form.

Repeat this process for every number that you want to activate.

Number activation, approval, and rejection

Once you’ve submitted your Know-Your-Customer form for approval, we’ll process it and let you know if your number has been activated successfully, or if the activation request has been rejected.

When a number activation is approved, you can immediately use it to set up a channel that you can use and start using that number in your campaigns and flows.

If a number activation is rejected, we’ll explain the reason in the number’s Compliance tab. Typically, numbers are rejected because of inaccurate information provided when completing the activation form, such as an incorrectly typed company name or address.

Make the changes that are suggested, then click Submit form to re-submit the number for activation approval.

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