Brand registration

To register use cases with the campaign registry, you need to register your brand first.

About brand registration

Here are some important details to keep in mind:

  • There is a charge for registering your brand.

  • If your brand information is currently unregistered, you will be reminded of the key details to review before submitting it.

  • If your brand is rejected, you'll need to contact our support team to help you resubmit your brand information or apply for secondary vetting.

  • You need an approved brand before you can register a 10DLC campaign. Once your brand is approved the same brand can be used to register multiple use cases.

Brand registration fees


Brand registration

Applicable to any brand which is currently not registered through MessageBird at the Campaign Registry. Charged on brand submission


Brand resubmission

If a brand registration is not approved, and you would like to resubmit the brand there is a resubmission fee charged for each attempt

$4 (per resubmission)

Brand secondary vetting fee

Fee for Brand vetting. Secondary vetting is an additional brand review done by the carriers which may allow for higher throughput.

$40 (optional)

External vetting

If your company is not part of the Russell 3000 index and you require higher throughput, you can request secondary brand vetting by contacting MessageBird's support team. The cost for secondary brand vetting is US$40. This option may also be helpful if your brand is not being successfully verified through the standard registration process.

Vetting completion

Once your brand has been vetted, you will have access to all standard Use Cases. However, the available throughput and classification will depend on the resulting Vetting Score achieved. Note that vetting will be based on your current Brand information, so it is important to double-check that all details are correct before proceeding.

It is important to note that better throughput is not guaranteed. In rare cases where a lower Vetting Score is achieved, the Brand Secondary Vetting process may also impose a reduction in a Brand & Use Case throughput. You can refer to the table available on the MessageBird website for more information.

Brand verification status and use case messaging throughput

Brand status

Your brand registration can have the following status



Your brand submission is pending approval

Pending submissions cannot be edited


Your brand submission has been rejected by the campaign registry


Your brand submission is invalid and has not been submitted to the campaign registry


Your brand submission has been approved by the campaign registry

If your approved brand has been externally vetted or has an active campaign the following fields cannot be edited; company name, EIN issuing country, Ein/Tax Id, Entity type

Vetting status

If you have submitted an external vetting request for your brand submission this can have the following status



The vetting request is pending


The external vetting has been rejected


The external vetting has failed to be created


The external vetting request has been completed successfully


The external vetting has expired. A new external vetting should be requested

Messaging throughput

Your brand registration status has a direct impact on the number of SMS messages you can send to your channel:

Brand verification statusPart of the Russell 3000 stock indexApproved External vettingThroughput tier (AT&T/T-Mobile)








Class E or F / Low




Depends on vetting score




Class A or B / Top




All traffic will be blocked. 10DLC messaging is not allowed




All traffic will be blocked. 10DLC messaging is not allowed




You have deleted your brand registration submission.

How to register your brand for 10DLC compliance

Brand registration costs $4 with an option for additional vetting at a cost of $40 and will take 1-2 weeks to be processed.

  1. On the side panel, click Channels. You'll be taken to the Channels library.

  2. Under the Marketplace tab, under "Related products", click 10DLC Compliance.

  3. Click Create new 10DLC brand.

  4. In the 'Company Overview' section, enter the following information in the respective fields:

    • The legal name of your company.

    • The display or marketing name that your brand uses.

    • The URL of your website.

  5. From the 'Business Vertical' drop-down, select the primary business vertical of your company.

  6. Click Save and continue.

  7. In the 'Company Registration section, select the following information from the respective drop-downs:

    • The EIN/Tax ID country.

    • The legal entity type of your company. If you choose 'Public Profit', you will also need to supply the stock market that your company is listed with, and your stock market ticker.

    • If applicable, the entity identifier type.

  8. Click Save and continue.

  9. In the 'Company Contact' section, enter the following information in the respective fields:

    • First name of the company representative (Optional.)

    • Last name of the company representative (Optional.)

    • The contact phone number of your company representative.

    • The contact email of your company representative.

    • The street address of a company office.

    • The city your office is in.

    • The state or province your company is in.

    • The postal code of your company office.

    • The country your office is in.

  10. Click Save and continue.

  11. If you wish to submit your brand for brand vetting, click the Request brand vetting toggle to switch it on.

  12. Click Submit brand registry.

You've successfully submitted your brand for 10DLC registration!

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