Create an FAQ bot

Maximize agent efficiency by allowing customers to get the answers to common questions by interacting with an FAQ bot.

Find and use this template by going to Flows > Template flows > Generic FAQ bot and clicking Save to my library.

A WhatsApp FAQ bot allows you to resolve common customer queries automatically.

Here's a breakdown of the trigger and steps involved:


WhatsApp - Conversation created: This is the trigger for the flow. It will run the flow when a conversation is started on WhatsApp.


  1. Send list message to conversation: This step sends a plain text message to the conversation.

  2. Wait for conversation message: This step waits to hear what response the customer gives.

  3. Conditional. This step branches the flow depending if the customer's response is a question, an issue, or if they want to speak to an agent.

From here, the chatbot continues to branch out by asking more information, using AI tools such as Predict answer to understand what the customer is saying and provide the best response.

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