How to check my quality rating and messaging limits?

You can check your phone number status, quality score and sending limits for your WhatsApp Business account in your Facebook Business account.

1. Go to Business Settings > Accounts > WhatsApp Accounts. Select your WhatsApp account and click WhatsApp Manager in the "Settings" tab:

2. Select the phone number you wish to review quality / messaging limits from:

3. In the "Quality Rating" column, you can check the quality rating of your phone number:

4. In the "Messaging" column, you can see your current messaging limits:

5. In the "Status" column, you can check the status of your sender phone number:

Connected: When your phone number is working properly, the phone is linked to your account and connected to the WhatsApp Business API environment.

Pending: when your account is not verified and the certificate is not available, or the number is connected to another WhatsApp account.

No connection: when your company name is confirmed, there is a certificate to connect to the WhatsApp Business API environment, but there is no connection.

Flagged: when there were massive complaints about campaigns from this number and your rating is "Medium" or "Low".

You should pay attention to this status because there is an increased risk of being blocked from sending messages to the account. When a sender's phone number has this status, its level cannot be updated.

Restricted: when the number reaches the current level limits. This status is temporary and is updated after 24 hours. Please keep in mind, your business must be verified before accessing higher messaging limits than 50 customers/24 hrs. If you are unable to see your WhatsApp manager, please reach out to, and we will be happy to help!

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