Where is data stored and processed?

We store our and your business data with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The main storage locations are in The Netherlands, Belgium, and in part the United Kingdom and Germany. All locations have the same high state of security, are geographically redundant, and are therefore able to run separately from other services improving overall protection and resilience.

For our Voice customers, additional locations have been added in Singapore and South Carolina (USA). Our choice for these additional GCP locations in the US and APAC region is dictated by the need for low-latency networking with external suppliers, essential for the quality of our Voice product. Both PoP locations serve as gateways to Voice connectivity suppliers in those regions.

We store data in one of our locations for the sole purpose of qualitative call handling. Locations are chosen based on close-to-customer, carrier peering, and geo-spreading. We're expanding when there's demand from the business (e.g. latency). Which location is used in practice depends on the distance to customer, carrier, or available infrastructure (data storage clusters).

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