Do you want to know how many SMS you sent, how many seconds of Voice calls you made, and how much this cost you? You can check this in your 'Billing log'.

Click on the name of your Workspace in the top right corner and select 'Billing' from the menu. Then, navigate to the ‘Billing log’ tab.

There you will find an overview of the amount SMS messages you’ve sent and the amount of minutes you have made Voice calls. You can see your usage per country and MCC-MNC, and the amount you have been charged. The MCC-MNC is the network code of any given operator and you can find the right code for each operator here.

You have the option to filter and sort your usage for a specific period of time and can search per MCC-MNC. You are also able to export the data to an excel file.

Is all my usage covered in the billing log?

Note that the billing log does not include usage and billing of your solutions plan. If you are an Inbox customer, you will only see SMS & Voice usage in the Billing Log. To see your Inbox usage, including other channels, please visit this page.

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