How can I update the language of my Omnichannel Widget?

Your Omnichannel Widget can be localized in two ways.

Default language configuration

You can specify the Omnichannel Widget’s Default Language in the Omnichannel Widget Omnichannel Widget Settings in Inbox. Currently, you can set the Default Language to English, Dutch, German, Spanish, and French. Once you specify and publish your default language, all the “fixed” text on the Omnichannel Widget will be translated. This text includes the Widget section titles, message statuses and timestamps, and any input placeholders.

Browser language override

Once you have set your Default Language to your preferred language, you might still also have users that use a different browser language. In this case, the Omnichannel Widget will detect that browser language and override your default language to English, Dutch, German, Spanish, or French.

We will be adding more languages to the Omnichannel Widget soon. If you need another language for your Omnichannel Widget, please let us know by reaching us on our own Omnichannel Widget here:

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