Can I upload a custom logo as my Omnichannel Widget icon?

The Omnichannel Widget icon, also commonly referred to as the “launcher”, is the square button that users can click on to open or “launch” the Omnichannel Widget. By default, the icon is set to display the MessageBird logo.

The Omnichannel Widget icon can only be customized if your business is on a Custom Plan. Please get in touch with your MessageBird Account Manager to unlock this feature, or get in touch with the MessageBird Support Team via our Omnichannel Widget.

Once your account is enabled, follow these steps to upload a custom logo:

  1. Select the widget that you want to customize

  2. Navigate to the Design tab

  3. Under the Icon section, click Upload and add your custom logo

  4. Click Save changes, and you're done!

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