How to block SPAM contacts in Inbox

The following article will explain in steps how to deflect spam-like contacts and Inbox.

Before getting started

You will need:

Blocking a spam contact

If you notice a SPAM contact you would like to deflect from reaching you further, do the following:

1) Add a custom attribute to the spamming Inbox contact of SPAM:

If you would like to mark a bulk of contacts as SPAM, you are able to do so by using the Import contact feature.

2) Visit your Inbox Flow in Flow Builder and add a Branch step that will fetch such contacts:

    • Choose New Branch with a custom condition:

    • Set the custom variable to contact.attributes.SPAM by using two curly brackets on your keyboard {{ to initiate the variable loading

    • and choose the custom condition of is empty or not set

    • The Flow will now check if the contact has a custom attribute of SPAM

      • If it does not, it will continue the Flow to the following steps.

      • If it does have the attribute SPAM, the Flow will be ended, preventing the contact from reaching your Inbox.

⚠️ If at any point you would like to remove the contact as SPAM, do the following:

  • Remove the custom attribute of SPAM set on the contact in Inbox. By doing so, the contact will no longer be caught in the Branch step set in Flow Builder.

You can build up your Flow based on the simple example at the end of this article. Upload the JSON file in your Flow Builder and modify it to your use case.

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