My WhatsApp Business Account has been disabled, what can I do?

WhatsApp locks or bans your account for a variety of reasons, which may include:

In case you violate of one or more of these terms, WhatsApp reserves the right to disable an account, which cannot therefore be used to send or receive messages for the duration of the suspension.

The account can be suspended for a limited time, typically 24 hours, as a warning for violations of the terms of use, or in repeated offenses, the ban can be permanent.

However, sometimes their algorithm may present mistakes that must be reviewed manually by Meta and the WhatsApp team, and you can get an overview of these in your account quality details: 1. In your WhatsApp Manager, select the hamburger menu and navigate to Account Quality:

You will be able to see the details on why your account has been banned, the extent of the ban, and if there is any action that you can take:

2. Identify the reason you have been blocked: You may have violated the terms of WhatsApp, or sent massive messages to users who have not opted in, or your business details don't match or are not accessible (You will always need a working and accessible website to access WhatsApp API).

3. Stop the infraction: You will need to solve the reason you encountered in the previous point. For example, update your website or business details, control the content and frequency of your messages, or making sure you count with your customer's explicit opt-in.

If the reason is not clear, we can still raise this issue with Meta to be reviewed! Please keep in mind that while we can have this visibility, we can only request a review to the Meta Business team, and we are not in control of Meta's decision on the review of your business.

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