Install Facebook Messenger as an Inbox channel

In this guide, you'll learn how to set up Facebook Messenger as an Inbox Channel.

To add Facebook Messenger as a channel, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to, click the Settings icon on the left side navigation, and select Channels from the sub-navigation.

Then click on Add Channels and select Facebook Messenger:

2. It will prompt the modal window asking you to proceed with your Facebook profile.

Click 'Continue with Facebook':

3. Allow the use of cookies by Facebook:

4. Continue with your Business Profile by clicking 'Continue as your_business_page':

Make sure you are logged in to your business page and not your private account. You can switch accounts by clicking 'Log in to another account.

5. Proceed with connecting your Business Page.A Page is a space where people can publicly connect with your business, personal brand, or organization.You can do things such as showcase products and services, collect donations and create ads.If you do not have any Pages yet - you can create your first one by clicking 'Create a Page':

Here you can add Page information, select a category, and write a description of your business. Then click 'Create Page':

Once you have the Page for your business - you will be able to see and select it under 'All Pages' and click 'Next':

6. Allow the following permissions and click 'Done':

7. To finish the setup click 'OK':

Done! You will be taken back to Inbox and see the following message:

Visit your Inbox channels

And that’s it! 🎉 Facebook Messenger is now installed as a channel. Head back to your Channels — you will see that your Messenger channel has been added.

TIP: Once this has been completed, please test your channels to make sure they are creating conversations/tickets in Inbox. If they aren't, please refer to the article How to connect and disconnect a channel from Inbox.

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