How do I connect SecurEnvoy to MessageBird's SMS Gateway?

It's quite easy to connect SecurEnvoy's OTP software to your MessageBird Account. This article describes how to get up & running for sending One Time Password messages in no time. Keep in mind that for the moment SecurEnvoy is only supported by our old API; you ca read the documentation on this API for more information.

Configuration of a new SecurEnvoy server

During the installation process for a new SecurEnvoy server, you have to step through the Advanced Configuration Wizard. To connect SecurEnvoy to our SMS Gateway, it's important to enter the correct info within the SMS/Voice Gateways tab:

  • Country Dial Code: Enter the country code according to the location of your server (for example 44 for the United Kingdom).

  • Type: Select the type of connection you want: Web SMS, Modem, Voice, Mail SMS or SMPP. In case you want an API connection, choose Web SMS. To set up a connection for voice messages, select 'Voice'.

  • 3rd-party SMS Gateway: Select our SMS Gateway 'MessageBird' from the drop-down menu.

  • UserID & Password: Enter the username and password of your API. Keep in mind that it's possible the password of your MessageBird Account and the one to access your API may be different.

Connect our SMS Gateway to an existing SecurEnvoy server

Open the SecurEnvoy Advanced Config on your SecurEnvoy-server. Navigate to the SMS/Voice Gateways tab and hit the 'Add button', then simply follow the same steps above.

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