Where can I find my Voice logs?

You can find an overview of all of your voice calls in the MessageBird Dashboard. Simply click on 'Voice' in the left-hand side menu, and you will be directed to the complete call overview. The calls are displayed with all details including the number of call legs, the timestamp, source number, destination number, status, duration, and cost.

In the overview, you can further filter your calls by searching for calls during a specific time frame, or filter by source, destination, or call ID. You can also export your call overview using the green 'Export' button.

In the sub-menu 'Logs,' you can find an overview of all your calls that failed due to an error in your API request. This will allow you to troubleshoot and fix an issue that may be caused by a faulty API request.

If anything is unclear in your voice logs, or if you have questions about the error responses in your Voice Call Logs, please feel free to contact our Support team. Please make sure to provide us with one or more sample calls including the recipient numbers and timestamps in your request.

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