Autosave Feature and Version History

The Autosave feature enables you to have all changes and modifications to your Flow in the Flow Builder automatically saved, as you work.

Previously, you had the option to save any progress manually, by clicking the Save button:

By introducing Autosave, we have removed the need to manually save progress. Every change you make to the Flow will be autosaved:

Autosave saves your progress automatically if there is a network/internet interruption or the browser window is accidentally closed. The next time you open the same Flow, you will be able to continue from where you have left off.

Version History

When you open a Flow, by default you will see the most recently saved version - be it a draft or a live version.

In your Flow's options, you are able to access all versions of a Flow:

To access the currently live version, click on the menu next to your Flow's name:

You can see the date and the timestamp of every version, as well as the info on the previous live version.

To track the implemented changes, apply custom names and descriptions to your versions:

By clicking on the Edit button next to the version, open and continue working on the version you choose:

📤 Feel free to contact our Support in case you might need some help!

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