Replying and closing a ticket

Click on your initials/photo and set your agent status as available or click on the Go online button in the queue section. If your agent status is offline, you won’t be able to work on tickets, accept new ones or even see new tickets coming in.

Your new tickets will be under Queue. Place your cursor over the ticket and tap Accept. The tickets will automatically move to Your Tickets. Click on the ticket and write your reply—you can also attach media by clicking on the attachment icon. To check what types of media are supported by each channel, please see this features table.

Switching the channel: By default, the channel for your reply will be the same as the one the customers used to contact you. For example, if the user contacted you via WhatsApp, that will be the default channel. However, you can easily switch it by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the default channel.

Keep in mind that that you’re only able to switch to a channel on which the contact is available, that is, from which you have the respective identified. For example, the contact’s phone number is the identifier for WhatsApp and SMS, so you can easily change between the two. However, for Facebook Messenger the identifier is the contact’s Page ID, so you’ll need it if you want to be able to switch to this channel.

Leaving a note: You can choose to leave an internal note for the ticket—only you and the other agents will be able to see it. Click on the + Note button, write your internal note, e.g., “Don’t close this ticket until the customer replies.” and tap Save note when you’re ready.

When your reply is ready, simply click on the Send button.

Do you want to close the ticket? Once you’re finished working on a ticket, click on Resolve ticket on the top-right of the conversation. And voilá! The ticket will be automatically moved to the resolved section.

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