How does SMS and Voice pricing work?

All of our pricing for SMS and Voice can be found here on our pricing page. You'll find an overview of our pricing for SMS, Voice Calling, Text to Speech, Numbers, and HLR.

To find the correct price and the currency it's in, select the correct destination country and currency in the drop-down menus.

Additional notes:

Our pricing is based on the destination country of your Voice Calls or SMS messages. This means that if you want to send a message to UK numbers, you need to look up the pricing for the United Kingdom on our pricing page.

Because MessageBird is a cloud communications platform, only the destination country is relevant to the pricing. There is no originator country as such, as you are sending your messages "from the cloud," so to speak.

This means you always pay the same price per SMS when sending messages to a specific country. For example, whether you send messages from within the UK to other UK numbers, or from outside of the UK to UK numbers, the pricing always stays the same.

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