Number not available for Flow

If you're unable to select your Virtual Mobile Number within a flow there are some simple checks you can do within the Numbers tab of the dashboard before reaching out to support!

Check if the number has the capabilities you are trying to set up a flow with.

Simply look at what icons are black to verify the capabilities of this number. A Voice number cannot be used for an SMS flow and vice versa.

Check if the number is already assigned to a flow.

If there is a flow name next to the number, it is already used for a flow. You can create one flow per capability, so, if you have a Voice and SMS capable number you can add both an SMS flow and a Voice flow to the number.

Check if the number is assigned to a subaccount.

If there is a subaccount name next to the number you cannot create a flow with that number in any other account. Do note that this can only be checked within the main account; if you are in a subaccount you will only see the numbers that have been assigned to the subaccount you are logged in to.

If you find that you should be able to add the number to your flow but are not able to, please reach out to our Support team via this page with the following information:

  • The number you're trying to add to the flow

  • The use case you are trying to achieve

  • Any error you may have received

We'll be more than happy to help!

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