Add & switch between Workspaces

You can easily switch between Workspaces by clicking on your Workspace name in the upper right corner. If you click on your name, a drop-down menu will appear.

Switch Workspace

Click on 'Create or switch workspace' and you will see an overview of your different Workspaces and where you can easily switch between them. With different Workspaces, you can separate information flows, messages, financing and more. When you have many workspaces that may not all fit in the menu, you can click on the 'View all' button at the bottom which will take you to the separate Workspaces page.

Please note that it can happen that when you log in, the system accidentally logs you into the wrong Workspace so that it could seem like your balance and contacts are gone. Most of the time, this can be solved by switching to another Workspace.

Add Workspace

Click on '+ New' at the bottom of the dropdown menu and set-up the name, then just click on 'Add".

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