I did not receive an SMS on my Number

If you are not receiving messages on your VMN (Virtual Mobile Number) please check the following points before reaching out to us:

Local vs. International Reach

Numbers are optimised for receiving local traffic and we cannot guarantee delivery of international traffic on our Numbers. For example, with a UK Number you will be able to receive SMS from UK mobile phones, but we cannot guarantee SMS from US mobile phones will also arrive. If you if you have a UK Number and your users are from the US sending messages from their US number (to the UK VMN), you won't be able to receive messages on the UK VMN due to the restrictions that do not permit international messaging.

Note that wether or not you are able to send an SMS using your Number to a different country is not dependent on Number restrictions but on local restrictions. Please find more information here: Complete list of sender ID availability and restrictions

Receiving from other applications

Numbers are designed for two-way communication with a SIM card phone number. They cannot be to be used to receiving login codes to verify user accounts and especially those of financial institutions. This is strictly prohibited and the use of a Number to receive OTP can result in the suspension of the account.

Using the right sender ID

if you want end-users to reply back to your virtual mobile number, you cannot use an alphanumeric sender ID. Alphanumeric sender ID's are if you want end-users to reply back to your virtual mobile number. This means if you send out messages with a name (your company name, for example), your customers will not be able to reply to that message. If you would like to receive messages from your end-users, you need to use your VMN as the originator.

Country restrictions

Country restrictions do apply when using Numbers. You can find specific restrictions per country in our Country Info and restriction page.

Still having issues?

If the above reasons were excluded already, please reach out to our Support team via this page and provide us with the following information:

  1. Samples with the originator and recipient number

  2. Date and timestamp (including timezone)

  3. Screenshot of the message from the handset that sent a message to the VMN

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