Steps Grouping

When dealing with larger Flows, organizing Steps can help manage them more efficiently. Steps Grouping is a feature enabling you to organize, move and re-use steps in your Flows in groups that make the most logic for your desired use case.

Before getting started

You will need:

Steps Grouping

To start grouping several steps:

  • Start adding a step to your Flow, choose the Add Group option in the menu and add steps inside the newly formed group:

  • Or select two or more steps by holding cmd (Mac)/ctrl (Windows) on your keyboard and clicking on the desired steps:

  • As soon as you select more than one step, Step Grouping will become available:

  • Add the desired name and custom description for the newly created Group:

To build, change, and manage your Flows more efficiently, every group can be:

  • copied and pasted inside the same Flow, as well to a different Flow

  • moved around the Flow

  • deleted

  • ungrouped

A couple of things to have in mind when using Steps Grouping:

  • Groups cannot be nested inside of another group

  • In case anything is missing in the Steps configuration, you will be prompted to correct it:

  • Any group you create will be collapsed by default when opening a Flow to help your Flow act seamlessly and appear visibly cleaner. At any point, you can expand and view the whole group:

📤 Feel free to contact our Support in case you might need some help!

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