In which countries can I get a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN)?

This article below outlines the countries for which you're able to purchase a Number inside the MessageBird Dashboard.

Currently, it's possible to purchase Numbers for over 50 countries.

Interested in a dedicated number? You can purchase it directly from your MessageBird dashboard. The explanation can be found in our article Buy a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN)

Note: due to local regulations, we have to take extra steps to be able to purchase a Number for France, Germany, Ireland and Norway. Please fill up the KYC document attached to this article and send it back to us. Make sure that all required information is provided or your request can be rejected.

If the country you're interested in is not listed, please reach out to our Support team via this page and we'll do our best to help you! Please include the following;

  1. Preferred country/countries

  2. Number capabilities

  3. Potential area prefix codes

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