HLR Request failed or is incomplete

HLR responses are requests that are sent to your platform through a GET request. But what does it mean when an HLR request fails and why are some bits of information not complete in your results?

To start off, the HLR API response itself will not contain any info for the HLR result. To obtain the result, you need to configure your HLR callback URL within the API settings here.

Note: enter the full address (including http://).

We relay the information we get live from the number when it is pinged. Please note that the attributes listed here can change over time and some of them can be null because not all information is available for all countries and providers at all times.

If the request was successful, but the result failed:

The HLR request to the provider was successful; The reason for the failure is unclear. It could be an issue with the provider, number, or HLR lookups are not allowed by the network. Please retry at a later time, as most provider issues are quickly resolved. If the issue persists, please reach out to Support and let us know the number(s) you tried to look up.

If both the request and the result failed:

Please verify if your request was correctly made as explained in our developer documentation. If yes, please reach out to Support and provide the full request and response.

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