How to send and receive Google Business Messages with Inbox

Once installed, you’ll be able to receive and send messages to your customers through Google Business Messages (GBM).

Receiving messages

By default, we’ll create a flow in Flow Builder that automatically sends any messages that you receive through GBM to Inbox, creating tickets that are ready for your Inbox agents to pick up and start responding to.

When a GBM message arrives in your agent’s queue, the Google logo will be displayed on the ticket so that they can see at a glance where the ticket originated from. You’ll also be able to see which business location the customer is viewing as they message you, and switch from GBM to another channel to reply if required, using the drop-down menu at the top of the reply box.

Sending messages

To send messages to customers via GBM, Inbox agents need to open a GBM ticket and use the reply box to write and send a reply.

NOTE: Because GBM requires you to set up an automated welcome message, each customer who messages you via GBM will receive this message first. If you’ve already set up automated welcome messages in Inbox, and you want to use GBM messages with Inbox, you might need to create a rule to prevent two welcome messages from being sent. Agents can then pick up the ticket and continue the conversation manually.

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