Using Databases

Under the Developers section of your Dashboard, you have the option to create server-less databases and store data from your Flows. This allows using, sharing, and retrieving data from one invocation of your Flow to another, based on a shared key.

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Creating a Database

A database can be created by clicking on the Create Database in the top right corner of your interface:

You will be asked to name your database and choose the data retention period - for how long you would like for the data in the database to be stored.

Database ID

Database ID is a value you might need when using the Public API capabilities. It can be found in the URL of a Database:

  • click on Edit the Database whose ID you need

  • copy the ID from the URL. Example:

Adding, Importing, and Exporting datasets

Once you have created your database, you can add a single record or import several records, at once. All the records you have added can also be exported.

Adding a single record

To add data to your database:

1. click on the Add data in the top right corner:

2. Input the desired key and value:

Importing datasets

To save time, upload a CSV file with your data:

Use one Key and one Value per row of your CSV file. Value can be either a string or a JSON formatted object.

Your dataset is searchable by the Key by using the search bar under the database name:

Exporting datasets

If needed, you are able to export your whole Database dataset into a CSV file by clicking on the Export dataset feature:

Deleting Databases and Database data

At any point, you can choose to delete certain records in your database or the whole database.

Deleting records

To delete single data records:

1. click on the Edit database option:

2. click on the options menu to the far right:

3. Edit or delete the desired row.

If you'd like to delete several records at once:

1. select the records you wish to delete and click on Delete Selected Rows:

Deleting a database

To delete the entire database at once, click on the Trash icon to the far right:

Data Retention Settings

When creating your database, you can choose for how long the data in it will be stored. The available options are:

  • 1 day

  • 3 days

  • 7 days

  • 30 days

  • 90 days

  • 180 days

  • and data Never expires

The data retention period you set at the beginning can be modified at a later point in time by: 1. clicking on the edit button on the far right of the database:

2. once you are in the edit database window, click on the edit button next to the name of the database:

3. and set the new desired data retention length.

Public API

Aside from the steps in FlowBuilder, there are public API methods to interact with the databases. The methods can be used to set/retrieve values from external systems as well as to list all key/value pairs and can be found at the following link.

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